The advancement of animal welfare is one of the primary precepts in the USPCA mission. Working against a backdrop where Northern Ireland has fallen further behind the rest of the UK in legislating to enhance animal welfare; the USPCA continues to engage with the NI Assembly to inform and influence the debate on a range of priority animal welfare issues which include:

  • The introduction of Finn’s law to Northern Ireland – protection of service animals.
  • The introduction of Lucy’s law to Northern Ireland – ban on 3rd party sale of puppies under 6 months old.
  • Seeking greater controls on selling puppies on-line in order to tackle the illegal and cruel puppy dealers.
  • Badgers & bovine tb. - Providing an informed and balanced view to avoid the indiscriminate culling of this protected species.
  • The risks to animal welfare of Brexit; highlighting the key animal welfare issues which must be addressed in any post Brexit trade agreement.
  • The introduction of a Register of Banned Animal Welfare Offenders.
  • Banning wild animals in circuses.
  • Banning hunting with dogs.