Rehoming FAQs

New to Rehoming? Read our FAQ

Some of our animals have been lucky enough to have experienced a loving owner, but due to a crisis situation their owner sadly can’t care for them any longer. This is very difficult time for that pet coming in to a new environment and equally difficult of their owner who has loved them dearly.

Other animals in our care might not have been so lucky. They may have been found abandoned and may not have experienced a safe and secure home before.  These two types of animal that come into USPCA care every week have two things in common - They all deserve a second chance and all deserve to be loved.

Adopting a pet is incredibly fulfilling and great fun, but it is a serious decision that needs serious thought.  Before rehoming a pet, it is important that you are aware of what your preferred pet will need and whether or not you can make the commitment to them.  Please do not rush into adopting an animal but seriously consider it and think about the following questions:

Do you have time for a pet?

Can you afford a new pet?

Where will they sleep?

Where will you leave your new pet during the day?

Will you be able to exercise them daily?

If you go on holiday, where will your pet go?

Do you live in rented accommodation?

When deciding on a pet, it is important to compare and consider your lifestyle with the needs of the pet. Some pets will be very happy to snooze on the couch for most of the day while other pets will require extensive exercise and may become disruptive if their needs are not fulfilled.

A hyperactive dog will not put up with sitting at home all day however an independent cat may be more than happy with the peace and quiet until you return home.

If you would like to register your interest in one of our animals or like to know more, please contact the centre by calling 028 3025 1000 or make an enquiry through the website rehoming page. From here, our team will arrange a rehoming appointment for you with the animal. This is also an opportunity for us to get to know you and to identify if you can meet the needs of the pet and to ensure that you are a good match together.

The next step is a home check which will be conducted by a member of the USPCA team. If successful, pick up of your new pet will be arranged with us at the centre.

We ask for a rehoming donation for all our pets which helps us cover some of the costs incurred while caring for the animal.

All our rescue pets at the USPCA receive a full vet check. They will also be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed, de-fleaed and microchipped before leaving. If your new pet is not spayed/ neutered before leaving us we will arrange an appointment for you to bring them back in.

Puppies & Dogs: From £170.00

Cats & Kittens: From £78.00

Other small animals can vary between: £30 – £50.00

A bag of food and four weeks free insurance with Pet Plan is also included in our rehoming pack.

Yes -  As long as you have permission from your landlord or local council and where you live is appropriate for the animal you wish to rehome.

We would need written confirmation from your landlord or local council that you have this permission before rehoming an animal to you.