How to Register your Pet

How to register your pet for Pet Pledge


1. Complete a Pet Pledge Application

Please complete an application form for each pet you wish to enrol and return to us. Please include as much information as possible e.g. likes, dislikes, sleeping normality, routine. This will help us help your pet settle more successfully.

2. Contact your Solicitor

Make an appointment with your solicitor to update your will.  We recommend a clause is included in your Will which authorises your Trustees to carry out your wishes in a timely manner providing continuity of care for your pet. Your Solicitor may use the following Clause:  Please also consider including a gift in your Will to the USPCA.

 “In the event that any pet animal/s of mine survives me and I have made no other provision for their care, I direct my Trustees to notify the Ulster Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Unit 6 Carnbane Industrial Estate (East), Newry, Co Down, BT 35 6QH (registered charity number NIC102755), as soon as practicable after my death and to request the USPCA both to relieve them of responsibility for the animal/s and to endeavour to place them in a suitable home as soon as practicable, the USPCA having absolute discretion to deal with the animal/s as it sees fit, and I direct that (the USPCA having accepted such a request) the animal/s shall not form part of my residuary estate.”

3. Inform your Family, Friends & Executor

It is important that you advise your family, friends and executor of your Will of your wishes for the future of your pet.

What happens to my pet when they are taken to the USPCA?

Should anything happen to you, your pet will be taken to the USPCA where the veterinary team will give it a full health assessment. This is the first step in a care plan for your pet’s stay in our rehoming facility.

Before we re-home any pet at the USPCA, a meeting is arranged with the adopter to find out if they are the right person for your pet. A home check is then conducted by a member of staff to ensure the home is suitable and safe. If successful your pet will then be rehomed and a follow up home check will be carried out to ensure a successful transition.

Just like you, we want to see much loved pets settled in their new homes as soon and seamlessly as possible. If, in the event of your death, you’ve arranged alternative care with a friend or family member, don’t be concerned, your pet can remain with them as agreed; regard Pet Pledge as your safety net.

If you require any further information please contact us by calling 028 3025 1000 or email headoffice