On-Line Sales of Pups

Seeking greater controls on selling puppies on-line in order to tackle the illegal and cruel puppy dealers.

The USPCA works to highlight the shameful trade that is Illegal Puppy Farming & Trading in Northern Ireland.

Puppies are exchanged for hundreds of pounds out of car boots in carparks and laybys all over the country with little or no thought given to how they were bred, what vaccinations they have or the consequences of buying a sick dog that could cost thousands of pounds in vet bills if they survive the first few months of life.

At our Animal Hospital in Newry our Vets see too many sad cases of distraught families with puppies they love suffering from disease or genetic abnormalities that cannot be cured as a result of these illegal puppy dealers.

The illegal puppy farmer/dealer exploits the unregulated online sales platforms to gain access to the unsuspecting public; often posing as a caring hobby breeder. The USPCA is calling for greater regulation to clearly identify and stop these cruel and illegal puppy farmers/dealers.

Legislation should require any person who sells or supplies more than 5 pet animals in a calendar year to register with their local Council. Sellers or suppliers of pet animals (including Dog Breeding Establishments registered with local authorities) should also be required to include their registration number on any advertisement (including on-line advertisements), the age of the animal, the country of origin of the animal and, in the case of dogs, to provide the unique microchip number.

The USPCA believes that such legislation would significantly improve the welfare of pet animals being offered for sale or supply by providing full traceability and accountability.