• Veterinary Clinic

    Veterinary Clinic

    Located on the outskirts of Newry, County Down, the USPCA Veterinary Practice is dedicated to the Relief of Animal Suffering. The Clinic is open six days a week and provides a full range of veterinary services to companion animals. For those owners who find it difficult to afford essential veterinary treatment, discount of up to 50% is available. To determine if you qualify for discount please call the clinic on 028 3025 1000. Income from the Veterinary Clinic supports other aspects of the charity’s work.


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  • Wildlife Rescues

    Wildlife Rescues

    Through our Animal Rescue Service, the USPCA relieves the suffering of injured native wildlife.

    Our Welfare Officers respond to hundreds of calls, bringing the injured animal for examination by a USPCA vet in Newry. Badgers, birds of prey, hedgehogs, swans, foxes … are just some of the animals rescued and treated at the USPCA and released back into their native habitat.

    Where it is not possible for one of our Welfare Officers to attend, we operate a Veterinary Voucher Scheme to ensure pain relief is available through a local veterinary practice.

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  • Animal Re-homing

    Animal Re-homing

    Where an individual is no-longer able to look after their companion animal because of their changed circumstances or where a companion animal has been abandoned, the USPCA will ensure the animal finds a new caring owner. All animals are health checked by our vets before being rehomed and a home check is carried out to ensure a successful match.

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  • Animal Cruelty Investigations

    Animal Cruelty Investigations

    Investigations into serious welfare abuses that often take place well away from the public view are a very important aspect of our work.

    In recent times Badger persecution, Cock Fighting, Dog Fighting, Puppy Farms and the illegal trafficking of pups have all been subjected to USPCA scrutiny. Information gleaned through our investigative expertise has been passed to enforcement agencies and successful prosecutions have resulted.

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  • Companion Animal Food Parcels

    Companion Animal Food Parcels

    For over six years, the USPCA has delivered pet food parcels to food banks across Northern Ireland, helping to provide a resource for pet owners in need.  The parcels provide pet owners with practical help and peace of mind as we deliver first rate food, bedding, litter and pest control products that have been generously donated to the USPCA by local businesses and the public.


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  • Campaigns


    The advancement of animal welfare is one of the primary precepts in the USPCA mission. Working against a backdrop where Northern Ireland has fallen further behind the rest of the UK in legislating to enhance animal welfare; the USPCA continues to engage with the NI Assembly to inform and influence the debate on a range of priority animal welfare issues.

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  • Schools Programme

    By applying the old saying “prevention is better than a cure”; through our schools outreach education programme we give sound advice and guidance to future generations, promoting responsible pet ownership and an appreciation of our native wildlife.  Presentations are given at schools and colleges and we also host visits at our animal shelter and rescue centre in Newry.

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  • Pet Pledge

    Pet Pledge

    Have you ever asked yourself: who will care for my companion animal should I pass on?

    Pet Pledge gives owners peace of mind knowing that, should the worst happen the USPCA will be on hand to care for their pet and will find them a loving home with a considerate keeper.

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