Report Cruelty

The USPCA Role

The USPCA’s Special Investigations Unit carries out investigations into “organised animal cruelty” - serious welfare abuses that often take place well away from the public view. The Charity defines organised animal cruelty as:

“Where the USPCA has an honest belief that one or more persons are engaged in any joint activity with another and animal cruelty or a severe adverse effect on animal welfare has occurred, is likely or is expected. The animal cruelty or severe adverse effect on animal welfare may be an intended or unintended outcome of the joint activity.”

In recent times, badger persecution, tame deer hunts, cock fighting, dog fighting, illegal puppy farms and the trafficking of pups have all been subjected to USPCA scrutiny. Information gathered through our Special Investigations Unit is passed to enforcement agencies and successful prosecutions have resulted.

Have you witnessed such activity or have information which would be useful in stopping such activity? Please let us know by emailing or telephoning 028 3025 1000 ext. 238

Active Initiatives

  • Operation Delphin

    Operation Delphin

    Illegal puppy farmers and dog dealers, motivated by money, breed dogs on an industrial scale with no concern for the welfare of the animals. This illegal trade is characterised by the appalling conditions in which the pups are bred, the absence of proper veterinary care, the exploitation of the over bred bitches and the cramped and disease prone conditions in which puppies are hawked from breeder to dealer.The USPCA is an active member of Operation Delphin, a multi agency initiative to detect and disrupt the illegal breeding and the trafficking of pups to the GB market. Working with our partners in the ISPCA, DSPCA, SSPCA, RSPCA, HMRC and the port authorities, hundreds of pups have been rescued and the trade disrupted.

  • Operation Brockwatch

    Operation Brockwatch

    The Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Northern Ireland Badger Group launched a new strategy Operation Brockwatch. The strategy which is now active is a joint initiative whose objective is to protect our Badger population, their setts, and the many dogs wantonly sacrificed in Badger Persecution a vile activity that stains our landscape.The Brockwatch project will be run as a pilot in the first instance at a number of sites which have experienced Badger baiting on multiple occasions. These Badger setts, identified as vulnerable, will be watched on a round the clock basis using modern technology.