Report Cruelty To The USPCA

Contact Local Councils(for Companion Animal Neglect) PSNI(Wildlife Crime) DAERA(Agricultural Animal Cruelty)

Please select the area of animal cruelty you wish to report:

  • Organised Animal Cruelty

    These are extreme animal welfare abuses such as puppy farming, dog fighting, cock fighting, badger baiting and carted stag hunting – all of which often take place away from the view of the public eye. Our Special Investigation Unit will investigate these reports.
    Contact Us

If you are witnessing a crime in action, or want to report directly to an enforcement agency, please see the following guidance/ contact numbers
  • Companion Animal Neglect

    Companion Animal Neglect

    Instances of animal welfare concern in relation to companion animals including equines are investigated by animal welfare within your local council.


    Contact Animal Welfare

  • Wildlife Crime

    Wildlife Crime

    Wildlife crime includes offences such as the poaching, disturbing or killing of a protected species or damage to their resting or breeding spaces. Contact 101, or 999 if urgent.


    Call 101

  • Agricultural Animal Cruelty

    Agricultural Animal Cruelty

    For instances of suspected cruelty to farmed animals, please contact the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.



    Call 0300 200 7840