Social Rehoming Scheme

When an individual is no longer able to look after their companion animal because of a change in their circumstances or where a pet has been abandoned, the USPCA will ensure the animal finds a new caring owner.

We help 100’s of animals every year find new caring homes, no matter how long it takes. We believe the right owner for every pet is out there somewhere.

All animals brought in for rehoming are health checked by our vet to ensure they are healthy.

Before we re-home any pet at the USPCA, a meeting is arranged with a possible adopter to find out if they are the right person for that pet. A home check is then conducted by a member of staff to ensure the home is suitable and safe. If successful the animal will then be rehomed and a follow up home check will be carried out to ensure a successful transition.

If you are unfortunately in a position where you need to rehome your pet, please contact us today to check if you qualify for our rehoming scheme.  A member of our rehoming team will kindly talk you through your options and our rehoming process.


The quality of the housing and care provided to the animals brought in for rehoming is recognised by the Association of Dogs and Cats Home standards accreditation. 





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The USPCA endeavours to re-home ALL our rescued companion animals.