Strategic Vision & Objectives

10 Year Vision:

With a large, active membership, the USPCA will be recognised as the authoritative voice on animal welfare in Northern Ireland and be valued as a partner by other animal welfare organisations.

Operating from regional centres, the charity’s services will be accessible across Northern Ireland.

Strategic Objectives to March 2026

In pursuit of its vision and mission; the charity’s strategic objectives for the three years to March 2026 are:

  1. To take a leadership role in the advancement of animal welfare in Northern Ireland:
  2. To enhance and extend the reach of the charity’s services across Northern Ireland:
  3. To strengthen the charity’s financial structure through developing a social enterprise business model:
  4. To be a valued partner of statutory and voluntary organisations:
  5. To enhance the public understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the work of the USPCA.
  6. To maintain a robust governance and operational structure to deliver the charity’s objectives effectively.