Overnight Care of Animals

In cases of emergency, to continue medical care or simply if a pet requires treatment that can’t be completed during the normal working day, the veterinary surgeon may recommend that your pet stays overnight or over the weekend at the USPCA. We hospitalise animals in the kennels at the USPCA premises.

It is important that you understand the level of care your pet will receive in order that you can make informed choices regarding alternative care plans and to understand the consent for hospitalisation you will be asked to provide.

Hospitalised Animals

There are no members of staff on site at the USPCA out of normal working hours.

Pets are checked at 7pm each evening by a veterinary surgeon, if we reasonably believe your pet’s condition will not deteriorate without direct attention, your pet may not be visited until the commencement of the next working day. Where treatment is required periodically, arrangements will be made for a vet or nurse to attend the practice to administer the treatment.

Full-time Overnight Care

Some hospitalised animals may require the full-time care of a veterinary surgeon. If this is the case, we will recommend referral of your pet to either Cromlyn House veterinary hospital or Earlswood veterinary hospital, who provide dedicated out of hours care for sick or injured animals. You have the option of requesting that your pet is transferred for this service at any time.

Overnight Charges

If your pet requires hospitalisation please remember this will incur additional fees, especially if frequent night time visits or treatment are required. Your vet will provide you with an estimate of hospitalisation charges and keep you updated as often as practically possible if additional or unforeseen costs are incurred.