Wild Animals in Circuses

The USPCA calls for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses in Northern Ireland. The use of wild animals for entertainment purposes is unacceptable and unnatural. These animals experience regular transportation in cramped conditions, they are forced to train and then forced to perform in front of large and noisy crowds.

As an animal welfare charity we have major concerns for the welfare and unnecessary suffering of these animals who currently live the circus life.

The use of wild animals in circuses is banned in Scotland and the law became effective in England in January 2020.  A ban is due to come into effect in late 2020 for Wales however Northern Ireland is falling behind. It is unfair that animals are not given the same rights as their counterparts in the rest of the UK and Ireland.

The USPCA will continue to actively campaign for the law to be brought before the NI Assembly and enforced in Northern Ireland.