USPCA General Election Asks to Advance Animal Welfare

As the General Election approaches on 4 July 2024, the USPCA wants to ensure the protection and welfare of all animals are a high priority.  We fully appreciate the key campaigns our charity is leading in Northern Ireland (NI)I will be decided by our own government, however, the decisions and the legislation passed (or not passed) in Westminster may influence legislation and policies set here. 

Therefore, we are asking the next Westminster Government to: 

  • Develop stronger collaborations across the UK and Ireland alongside the introduction of robust legislation to bring the cruel illegal puppy and kitten trade and unscrupulous breeders to an end.


  • To introduce a full-scale review of the laws around dangerous dogs, protecting people from tragic dog attacks whilst preserving animal welfare.  The review should also include developing partnerships across the devolved governments, with key stakeholders to ensure consistency and good practice is established.


  • Bring the badger cull in England to an end.  Over the past ten years, 240,000 badgers have been culled in England and bovine TB persists.  Culling badgers is expensive, ineffective and inhumane.   


  • Strengthen the Hunting with Dogs legislation in England.  Although legislation was introduced in 2004 banning this cruel act in England and Wales, it contains loopholes that allow hunting to continue chasing and killing defenceless wild animals.


  • Ensure the outworkings of the Windsor Framework and the Northern Ireland protocol offer the highest levels of protection to advance animal welfare. From 31 December 2025, the grace period for veterinary medicines will end. A long term solution is needed to ensure access to veterinary medicines is maintained.


  • To stand up to industries that are destroying nature for profit.  A move to a more sustainable method of farming will protect our wildlife.  Our rivers are full of sewage and chemicals and plastic pollution is everywhere. We need to rewild our countryside and prevent overfishing and industrial farming.

Please make sure you use your vote and voice to ask our local candidates how they will prioritise animal welfare at Westminster if elected. 

Together our voice is stronger, let's speak up for all animals.