Tips for If You Have Found a Baby Bird

Baby Birds

We’re now truly in the midst of spring and with that comes new life, from beautiful lambs and blooming flowers, right through to the chirps of baby birds being heard from nests which have been meticulously built by their parents.

It can be very common for you to come across baby birds at this time of the year as many grow bigger and braver and attempt their first test flight under the watchful eye of their parents. Of course, learning to fly is no mean feat but will take time as the birds build up their confidence and instincts. In some instances, sometimes due to poor weather conditions, the baby birds may also be knocked out of their nest.

Advice on baby birds is one of the most common queries received by the USPCA around this time of the year and it’s helpful to know when you should or should not intervene to help save these little ones.

Check out our advice and if you have an injured baby bird please contact the USPCA on 028 3025 1000.