The fight against illegal hunting rises to new heights with use of drones

The League Against Cruel Sports will use drone technology to detect and deter criminals breaking the Hunting Bill in UK.Having seen its effectiveness first hand this move will act as a significant deterrent.Why does Northern Ireland’s wildlife remain at risk from hunting with dogs? We are the only part of the UK where this barbarity remains legal.

Collectively we can get this changed. Contact your MLAs / MP / MEPs and make them aware of your views.


Animal Activists take fight against illegal hunting to new heights with use of drones

The Times
16th March 2013
Fay Schlesinger

Drones are to be used by animal welfare activists to help catch people illegally hunting in Britain.

Cameras on Remote Controlled aircraft will allow campaigners to monitor swaths of private land that were previously off-limits, they said.

The League Against Cruel Sports, an anti-field sports charity, said that it had carried out test flights and that evidence-gathering was “imminent”

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