The Benefits of Having Your Cat Professionally Groomed

Normally, when we think of grooming, our first thought doesn’t tend to be of our feline friends – rather – in the world of grooming, dogs commonly steal the limelight. Whilst cats are notorious for spending a huge percentage of their time preening themselves, sometimes they can use a little help. Our Grooming Room team has put together some of the benefits your cat could be missing out on – take a look!

Reduced Shedding

This can be a benefit to the owner, as well as the cat, on many levels. Firstly, someone in the home may suffer from allergies and very often, any pollen, dust and other allergens can be carried into the house from outside by your cat. Regular bathing will help reduce the amount of allergens and as a bonus, will reduce the amount of hair you may find on furniture, clothes and other surfaces around your home.

Less shedding is also great for the wellbeing of your cat as they are less likely to swallow large amounts of hair when grooming themselves – as such, this also means less potential hairballs!

Less Matts

Fur matting is typically more of a problem in long haired felines and is something that regular grooming can help combat. Tangled and matted fur can be very uncomfortable for your cat and, in some instances, painful. Long-term matting could even result in dermatitis. With a regular groom you can ensure your cat’s coat is kept to a healthy length and also help stimulate the production of natural oils. These natural oils help keep your cat’s fur and skin moisturised and healthy.

Spotting Unwanted Parasites & Potential Health Issues

With cats being natural born roamers, exploring the great outdoors, the reality is that they might pick up a stowaway or two on their travels. Fleas and ticks can be difficult to identify and if not treated, can lead to serious health problems. Groomers are skilled at identifying such problems, and with their help, you can ensure your cat is parasite-free. Cats, especially longer-haired breeds, also need their ears cleaned regularly, especially if you find they are prone to ear infections.

During their work, it is also possible that groomers could pick up on other health problems, from a suspicious lump or skin problem, to possible dental issues. Early detection is key for any health concerns and we can ensure your cat gets the right treatment as the USPCA has its own dedicated veterinary clinic. The USPCA hospital is committed to providing your animals with the best care and you can be assured that they are in safe hands.

Avoid the Difficulties of Nail Trims

With razor like claws, cats can often make the maintenance of their nails quite difficult, but this is another important aspect to their health. Neglected nails can cause a number of issues including uncomfortable broken and/or ingrown nails. To help make the experience of nails trims as stress-free as possible, it is always a great idea to make your cat more familiar with having their paws handled.

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