Skydive Terms & conditions


By taking part in the USPCA Charity skydive you are bound by the following terms and agree:

1. To raise the minimum fundraising target of £500.

2. To send on any additional funds raised directly to the charity within the timeframe agreed. Failure to do so is considered theft.

3. To pay a £50 deposit upon registration.

4. That your contact details will be shared between the charity and the skydiving centre. They will not be passed on by us to any other third party for any reason.

5. You acknowledge and accept the USPCA cannot at any time guarantee the weather and in the event of bad weather the skydive may be postponed to a different date.

6. Skydiving is an adventure sport and participation involves a risk which you voluntarily accept.

7. That the organiser/ charities will not accept any liability or responsibility for you taking part in the skydive.

How to pay your registration fee:

Please return this completed form along with your registration fee of £50.00. You can make your payment over the phone, by post or by dropping it into the centre directly. If you are paying by cheque please make it payable to the USPCA.