The USPCA Animal Hospital is dedicated to the Relief of Animal Suffering

The USPCA Veterinary Practice is located on the outskirts of Newry at Units 5&6 Carnbane Industrial Estate, BT35 6QH.

The Veterinary Practice is open to the public, opens seven days a week and provides a full range of veterinary services to companion animals and wildlife.

The proceeds from the veterinary practice are used to fund the USPCA’s charitable services, including a charitable discount of up to 50% on the veterinary treatment of sick and injured pets where an owner is unable to afford essential veterinary care.

Opening Hours

9.00am – 7.00pm Monday to Saturday

1.00pm – 6.00pm Sunday

Consultations are normally held between 9.00am – 11.15am and 2.00pm – 6.15pm Monday to Saturday and 1.30pm – 5.30pm on a Sunday.

Consultations are by appointment except in emergencies – please ring 028 3025 1000 to book.

Emergency Out of Hours Cover

Clients whose pet takes ill outside normal opening hours and where treatment could not wait until the practice opens; should ring 028 3025 1000. Calls are answered by a dedicated call handling service and where appropriate, passed on to the vet on call. The vet will assess the symptoms of the animal and either provide advice on treatment to the owner or arrange for the owner to bring the animal to the practice for treatment.

 Funded by benefactors the hospital is practical recognition of their lifelong devotion to the relief of animal suffering. It is unique on the island of Ireland and continues the journey of compassion begun by our founders over 180 years. It’s continuity of care depends on the on-going financial support of friends who share our values.
The Hospital is open seven days a week and provides full veterinary services to companion animals.

The surgery offers a full range of private veterinary services for companion animals. Please call our Animal Hospital on 028 3025 1000

USPCA State Benefits Scheme

The USPCA Veterinary Hospital support clients in receipt of the following state benefits and will be entitled to a charitable discount at the rates below:

Charitable discount is restricted to a maximum of two animals per client. Any further animals on this client account will be charged at full price.

Proof of benefit is required before any treatment is given at a charitable discounted rate.

The discount is applied to all services i.e. Consultations, Neutering, spaying and operations. Please note this does not include preventative treatments or drugs.

The USPCA will always provide an estimate to a client for non-routine procedures i.e. dentals, lump removals, X-rays.  Please ask for this if it is not given.
Drugs and Consumables will always be charged at full price.

Clients that are not in receipt of any of these state benefits will pay full price for all services in the Veterinary hospital.

Proceeds from the USPCA Veterinary Hospital is essential for the funding of the USPCA

Unemployment Job Seeker Allowance Means Tested Contribution Based 50%
Sickness Benefit ESA Means Tested Contribution Based 50%
Disability PIP   25%
Housing Benefit
Working Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit
Support for low income
Support for low income
Support for low income
Pensioners State Pension
Pension Credit


Overnight Care of Inpatients  

In cases of emergency, to continue medical care or simply if a pet requires treatment that can’t be completed during the normal working day, the veterinary surgeon may recommend that your pet stays overnight or over the weekend at the USPCA. We hospitalise animals in the kennels at the USPCA premises.

It is important that you understand the level of care your pet will receive in order that you can make informed choices regarding alternative care plans and to understand the consent for hospitalisation you will be asked to provide.

Hospitalised Patients

There are no members of staff on site at the USPCA out of normal working hours.

Pets are checked at 7pm each evening by a veterinary surgeon, if we reasonably believe your pet’s condition will not deteriorate without direct attention, your pet may not be visited until the commencement of the next working day. Where treatment is required periodically, arrangements will be made for a vet or nurse to attend the practice to administer the treatment.

Full-time overnight care

Some hospitalised animals may require the full-time care of a veterinary surgeon. If this is the case, we will recommend referral of your pet to either Cromlyn House veterinary hospital or Earlswood veterinary hospital, who provide dedicated out of hours care for sick or injured animals. You have the option of requesting that your pet is transferred for this service at any time.

Overnight Charges

If your pet requires hospitalisation please remember this will incur additional fees, especially if frequent night time visits or treatment are required. Your vet will provide you with an estimate of hospitalisation charges and keep you updated as often as practically possible if additional or unforeseen costs are incurred.


Certain medications that are prescribed for your pet may be for long-term treatment.

Most of the medicines used are ‘prescription only medications’ or ‘POMs’ and as such need to be dispensed by one of our veterinary surgeons for ‘an animal under their care’. This means the vet is making both legal and ethical obligations for the correct use of these medicines and as such we are under some constraints.

How to Order your Pet’s Medication

Call the USPCA where the reception staff will take your order. Please ensure you leave us a suitable telephone number in case we need to contact you regarding your prescription request.

Please allow at least 48 hours from requesting a repeat prescription before collecting the medication from reception. This:

  • Allows us time to check your clinical records to make sure the medication is still correct and appropriate for your animal or if they require a check-up
  • Gives the vet time to issue and dispense the prescription
  • Allows us time to order some of the products needed if not in stock
  • Means that your prescription can be ready for when you attend.

Regular Check-ups and Repeat Examination Policy

For all medications your animal needs to be assessed by one of our vets at least every 3 months, although sometimes more often if they are on a new medication or dose. This:

  • Is to ensure your pet is not suffering from any side-effects
  • Ensures that the medication is appropriate and to discuss possible new treatment regimens that may have become available
  • Means we can weigh your animal and ensure the dose is still correct
  • Is a legal requirement for ourselves to ensure you and your pet are still ‘under our care.’

The exception to the ‘3-month rule’ is preventive treatment for fleas and worms. Although these are still prescription medications and far more advanced than similar products found in pet shops and supermarkets, we only need to have examined your pet within the last 12 months to dispense them.

Please note we do not routinely authorise repeats of either antibiotics or medicated topical ear drops.

Our standard consultation fee applies for any repeat medication consultations. Charges will also apply for any tests recommended upon examination.

Clients may request the cost of medications in advance of ordering from the surgery.

Written Prescriptions

Clients are welcome to request a written prescription for medications, subject to an administration fee, that would allow you to obtain the prescribed medications from another veterinary surgeon or a pharmacy.

Booking an Appointment 

To book an appointment at the USPCA Animal Hospital please call the centre on 028 3025 1000.