The USPCA Animal Hospital is dedicated to the Relief of Animal Suffering

Funded by benefactors the hospital is practical recognition of their lifelong devotion to the relief of animal suffering. It is unique on the island of Ireland and continues the journey of compassion begun by our founders over 180 years. It’s continuity of care depends on the on-going financial support of friends who share our values.
The Hospital is open seven days a week and provides full veterinary services to companion animals.
The surgery offers a full range of private veterinary services for companion animals. Please call our Animal Hospital on 028 3025 1000

USPCA State Benefits Scheme

The USPCA Veterinary Hospital support clients in receipt of the following state benefits and will be entitled to a charitable discount at the rates below:
Charitable discount is restricted to a maximum of two animals per client. Any further animals on this client account will be charged at full price.
Proof of benefit is required before any treatment is given at a charitable discounted rate.

The discount is applied to all services i.e. Consultations, Neutering, spaying and operations. Please note this does not include preventative treatments or drugs.

The USPCA will always provide an estimate to a client for non-routine procedures i.e. dentals, lump removals, X-rays.  Please ask for this if it is not given.
Drugs and Consumables will always be charged at full price.

Clients that are not in receipt of any of these state benefits will pay full price for all services in the Veterinary hospital.

Proceeds from the USPCA Veterinary Hospital is essential for the funding of the USPCA

Unemployment Job Seeker Allowance Means Tested Contribution Based 50%
Sickness Benefit ESA Means Tested Contribution Based 50%
Disability PIP 25%
Housing Benefit
Working Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit
Support for low income
Support for low income
Support for low income
Pensioners State Pension
Pension Credit