Happy at Home - Georgie

Georgie is Happy at Home!


Georgie is spending his third Christmas with Kathryn and Paul who adopted him in July 2021. We caught up with them to ask a few questions about how life has been since welcoming this wonderful rescue dog into their lives.


Why you chose to adopt instead of shop?

We chose to adopt rather than shop as there are so many great dogs out there without families already in need of a loving home.

How did you know Georgie was the one for you?

Paul loved Georgie from the first time he saw him on the USPCA's website. So we booked to visit him. He ran around the yard like a hurricane and fell down at Kathryn's feet for belly rubs and she was convinced too. Since then he is still super energetic, but also has calmed down a lot with some extra training and love, and now enjoys quiet moments with cuddles in equal measure

What is Georgie like at home and what are his favourite things?

Georgie loves life and is full of energy. He is a very friendly dog and loves to play and get plenty of pets. He enjoys going for walks, we take him out at least twice a day. He also loves snacks, anything goes really, he's not fussy. He had a special doggy advent calendar for Christmas. His best friend is a cocker spaniel named Teddy and they love to wrestle and play tug of war.

What is your advice to people thinking of getting a puppy or dog?

Make sure that you have properly thought the decision through and that you are prepared for the commitment. Alot of people, especially around Christmas, get carried away with the initial excitement. However after that there is a whole lifetime of responsibility, including training, caring for, feeding and walking. A dog will truly become part of the family, so make sure you're ready for the new addition!

Why people should support a local charity/rescue shelter such as the USPCA?

Organisations like the USPCA are great, they take in sick and injured animals and also temporarily house dogs, like Georgie, until they are able to find their forever homes. The USPCA needs help and support to fund all of their great work. We're always grateful to the USPCA as without them we wouldn't have found Georgie.