Animal Cruelty in N.Ireland – Double Standards in Political Action

Blog Post by League NI

Written by Mark on 05 March 2013 : 16:00

Double standards in politics are all too often overlooked, passed off as an inevitable consequence of the modern day government model. But, when the casualties of those double standards have no voice of their own, then politicians and the public alike have a duty to protect them, including against hypocrisy.

Let us take badger baiting as one example of animal cruelty in N. Ireland. This supposed ‘sport’ involves pitching dogs against badgers, often resulting in horrific injuries and deaths. Although illegal throughout the UK, sadly, the League Against Cruel Sports’ investigators and other experts report that badger baiting is still prolific.

Thanks to the excellent investigative work of the Ulster Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals (USPCA), this heinous crime has recently been given some high profile exposure. Their shocking reports have led to public outrage, as people have learned about the cruelty to animals taking place in their countryside. Politicians, journalists and the public rightly condemned this activity as barbaric, belonging to the dark ages; and utterly cruel.

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