8 Essential Hygiene Tips for Dog Owners

1. Brush Their Coats

A quick brush can go a long way. Brushing your dog’s hair will help remove dirt and dead hair from your dog’s coat and skin. It will also help dispense the natural oils which makes your dog’s coat shiny and gives it that healthy look. Regular brushing will also reduce matting and tangling, meaning your dog’s next grooming appointment is likely to go much smoother.

Remember that different breeds will require different brushes that are suitable for their coat type. The USPCA Pet Store provides a range of brushes for all types of coats at affordable prices. Please ask our grooming staff for guidance should you need some help before purchasing.

2. Remove the Goop!

Yes the dreaded goop, which is also known as excess tear or discharge that collects in your dog’s eyes. Some dogs are more prone to ‘goop’ than others for example, light coloured dogs such as bichon frise, cavachon or breeds such as boxers and pugs.

To remove this excess tear leakage, firstly loosen it by applying a warm cloth to the eye, then followed by a flea comb to brush it out - this should do the trick.

You can also use a Dog Tear Stain Removal which is available at the USPCA Pet Supplies Store.

If you do see signs of any irritation or redness in the eye area and are concerned please contact your local vet to have this checked out.

3. Don’t forget about their Teeth

How often do you brush your dog’s teeth?  Your dog should have their teeth brushed on a daily basis, but even 2 -3 times per week will make a huge difference to their dental health. Remember to use toothpaste that is designed for dogs as human toothpaste contains ingredients which can make your pet sick if they were to swallow it. 

4. Clean their Ears

Cleaning your pets ears will help reduce infection and should be completed at least once a month. Some warm water and a cotton pad will to the trick and they might even enjoy it! For your pets safety we recommend not using a cotton swab. 

5. Wash their Face

Dogs sniff their way through life and therefore can pick up germs easily around their face and mouth. Dogs such Shar Peis, Pugs and Dogue De Bordeauxs who have wrinkly faces will hold more dirt and moisture in their wrinkles, so it is important keep a regular face wash routine.

A damp facecloth and a drop of dog shampoo will do the job, try to avoid the eye area, as just like humans they won’t like the shampoo stinging in their eyes. We recommend washing your dog’s face at least 3 times per week to help up keep good hygiene.

6. Nail Trimming

We recommend having your dog’s nails trimmed at least once a month, however some dogs nails tend to grow quicker than others and may need theirs cut more frequently. Cutting your pets nails can be a little tricky and can often lead to a little doggie drama, so if you dog does require a nail trim please contact the USPCA grooming room and our groomers will be happy to book your dog in.

7. Regular Baths

A bath doesn’t have to be just at the groomers once every 6 – 8 weeks. It’s important to have regular baths at home for good hygiene and to keep your dog’s coat healthy.  Dogs that predominantly spend more time indoors may require less bathing than dogs who spend more time outside.

We recommend washing your dog no more than once a week, it is essential that dogs aren’t bathed too frequently because it can cause skin irritations, especially if the skin isn’t dried well or harsh soaps are used. Remember to always use dog shampoo.

Dog towelettes are also a great way to keep you dog fresh on a more regular basis and will help remove pee and poop residue. Dog towelettes can be purchased at the UPSCA pet supplies store.

8. Tidy Up Appointments

At the USPCA Grooming Room we don’t just offer Full Grooms,  we also provide dogs with a bath & brush service as well as a trimming service to help keep sanitary areas clean and tidy.

For more information on our grooming services please visit The Grooming Room webpage or to book an appointment please call 028 3025 1000.