7 Tips to Help Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

As this heat continues across Northern Ireland the USPCA is urging animal owners to look after their pets in these warm temperatures. Dogs can develop heat stroke quickly and can be fatal.  It is vital that owners ensure their dog has access to water and cool shaded areas to rest at all times.  It’s also important you monitor your dog throughout the day to check changes in their behavior. 

We’ve created 7 tips you can use to help keep your dogs temperature down and their tails wagging.

Paddling Pool

Paddling pools aren’t just for children. On a hot day your dog will appreciate a pool to dip his or her paws into. This is an effective way of cooling them down rapidly as dogs absorb and release heat through their paws. We advise you to use cool water not, not freezing water and some dogs may need a little more encouragement than others! 

Change Their Water 

Putting a bowl of water out that morning will not always stay nice and chilled. As the temperature rises throughout the day so will your dogs water. Be sure to replenish their water and try to set it in shaded areas. 

Cool Towel 

By wetting a towel with cool water (not freezing water) and patting the coat, this helps to lower your dogs body temperature. This technique is good to use if you believe your dog may be suffering from heatstroke.

Spray Water Bottle

By filling a spray bottle with cool water and spraying your dog throughout the day will help reduce their body temperature. This is really handy as you take the bottle anywhere you go. 

Always Carry Water

When you leave the house with your dog, ensure to bring a bottle of water. If your at the beach we advise you to try not to allow your dog to drink the salt water as this can sometimes make them sick.  Portable water bottles with attached trays are now available for purchase at the USPCA. 

Walk Your Dog at Sensible Times 

Be sensible. Walk your dog early morning or in the evening when the temperature is lower. If  you walk your dog in the hot midday/ afternoon sun you run the risk of hurting or burning your pooches paws. 

Cooling Mat

A cooling mat is great in order to lower your dogs temperature. The cooling pad absorbs heat from the dogs body and releases it into the environment. 

We hope you found this information helpful and wish you and your pooch a safe and enjoyable Summer in the sun.