USPCA Statement

Today’s decision of the Court brings closure to a challenging period in the history of the USPCA.

A respected and valued charity whose trust was ruthlessly abused by its most senior executive.

As Chair I wish to thank all those involved in the investigation and prosecution of the offences.

Their diligence was key to the events that culminated in today’s sentencing. We also owe a debt of gratitude to our members for their unwavering support.

Throughout this lengthy process, the Board, staff and volunteers of the USPCA continued to fulfil the Charity’s pledge to protect and relieve the suffering of animals. Far from being distracted by events several Initiatives that significantly enhance the range of our Charitable services were introduced.

I look forward confidently today, in the knowledge that the USPCA is in good shape, under new leadership, and focused on its core purpose – the protection of all animals.”