USPCA Advice on Getting a Pup

You have decided to get a pup?

Have you thought what type of breed to get? What will suit your lifestyle?

A pup is a big commitment for any family and requires a lot of work and time.

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The USPCA have clear guidelines:

If buying from a breeder please check they have a licence from your local council
Always go to the breeder’s premises and ask to see the real Mother
Don’t buy pups in car parks from the back of cars or vans

Always contact the breeder and ask the following questions before arranging a visit to the breeders

• Can you see the mother with the litter of pups?
• How many pups were in the litter?
• Can you see were the pups have been bred and the conditions they have been living in?
• Ask the breeder have there been any health problems with the pups or the mother?
• Have or will the the pups been given their first vaccination and have they been wormed and treated for fleas?
• Have or will the Pups be microchipped?

When visiting the Breeder please ensure to see the Mother and check the following

Ensure that the pup’s mother is healthy.

Check the conditions for clues that the pup was actually born there.

Ask to see certificates of screening for problem diseases, vaccination and microchipping records.

Check the pups for any signs of illness.

When it comes to choosing your pup, try and look for a happy interactive pup. Spend plenty of time with the dog and don’t feel rushed, they’ll be part of your family and your responsibility for many years to come.

Please read our guide on caring for puppies and dogs here