Show Jumping Ireland Exposes Their Faults

The USPCA, its members, and those caring about animal welfare will be dismayed by the news that Ms Aldyth Roulston, a person convicted of eight offences in relation to animal cruelty and transportation has, in poacher turned gamekeeper mode, been elected to the Ulster Committee of Show Jumping Ireland, a body that represents this popular sport at its highest level.

The Association justified the appointment by stating it did not contravene the rules. Does such a rule exist, we doubt it. Perhaps their next AGM should consider introducing a rule that precludes persons with animal welfare convictions from SJI membership let alone committee status.

The offence was detected as a result of surveillance carried out by USPCA and our colleagues in the Scottish SPCA and the judge at Livingstone Crown Court described Ms Roulston’s litany of offences as showing a ‘callous disregard’ for the young animals’ welfare.

The SJI decision, taken by an organisation that purports ‘never to condone animal cruelty’ sends out a deplorable message to participants, followers and its many sponsors.

Strabane Chronicle 31-01-13
Showjumping body elects local woman convicted of animal cruelty

Irish Examiner Racing 02-02-13
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