Puppy Farming

Puppy FarmingPuppy farming is a grave issue here in Northern Ireland, one which has spiralled further out of control as those involved exploited the public’s demand for a loving companion animal during the periods of Covid-19 lockdowns.

Illegal puppy farmers and dog dealers, motivated by money, breed dogs on an industrial scale with blatant disregard for animal welfare. This illegal trade is characterised by the appalling conditions in which the pups are bred, the absence of proper veterinary care, the exploitation of the overbred bitches, and the cramped and disease-prone conditions in which puppies are hawked from breeder to dealer.

Unfortunately, the USPCA has witnessed many terrible cases stemming from the actions of illegal breeders - incredibly sick pups dying from parvovirus, dogs in visible pain being bred to the end of their life, and the distraught members of the public who have been taken advantage of.


Operation Delphin

The USPCA is an active member of Operation Delphin, a multi-agency initiative to detect and disrupt the illegal breeding and the trafficking of pups to the GB market. Working with our partners in the ISPCA, DSPCA, SSPCA, RSPCA, HMRC and the port authorities, hundreds of pups have been rescued and the trade disrupted.

If you have information relating to puppy farming in Northern Ireland, please report it today.


Report Puppy Farming