Pet Health Plan

Pets are different from you and me. They can’t tell you when they are feeling sick, and sometimes you can’t see if there is anything wrong either. That’s why, even more than you, they need regular checkups.

The USPCA Pet Health Plan focuses on preventative healthcare and has been carefully designed to help your much loved pet have a healthy and happy life.

The preventative healthcare includes vaccinations, parasite prevention, regular health checks and other services intended to prevent illness or detect potential issues before your pet suffers any discomfort.

The USPCA Pet Health Plan is not a substitute for pet insurance. Pet insurance provides financial cover for unforeseen illness and accidents.

The Pet Health Plan is the most cost effective way to give your pet everything they need to stay healthy, offering savings of up to 20% on the annual cost of the preventative treatments.

How to Join

Joining is easy, it takes no more than a minute or two to sign the simple Pet Health Plan Agreement and complete the Direct Debit mandate form.

In return you will have the peace of mind which comes with knowing your pet receives the very best in year round preventative healthcare. Your pet is important to you and you want to ensure that it stays as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Please note that our Pet Health Plan is not a substitute for pet insurance.

What is Included?

Annual comprehensive nose to tail health check, to include, general health check, eyes, ears, skin and haircoat, heart and lungs, weight, teeth, joints and muscles.

Annual booster vaccinations covering:

  • Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis
  • Feline Leukaemia, flu, enteritis and Herpes in cats.

Year round flea and tick treatment.

Year round protection against worms.

Dental Health Advice

Advice on Diet

Nail clips as required up to twice per year.


In addition, you will receive great savings on a range of other services and products:

Microchipping for only £7.50

Save 10% on dentals

Save 20% on neutering

Save 10% on in house diagnostic lab work

Save 10% on pet supplies – food, bedding, toys and accessories

Save 10% on pet grooming


How much will it cost?

Cat (any size)

£14 per month

Saving up to £42 per year

Small Dog (up to 10 Kg)

£12 per month

Saving up to £36 per year

Medium Dog (10-20Kg)

£13per month

Saving up to £39 per year

Large Dog (20-40Kg)

£14 per month

Saving up to £42 per year

X Large Dog (over 40Kg)

£20 per month

Saving up to £48 per year