Illegal Carted Stag Hunting

If you assume the last criminal on horseback was Dick Turpin…. It’s time to think again.

Carted stag hunting is illegal and therefore a criminal activity.

‘Carted’ refers to the practice of releasing farm reared animals into open countryside and pursuing them on horseback aided and abetted by a pack of hounds.

Hunts deny it occurs, who are trying to kid?

The USPCA knows it happens right here in NI and we will continue to monitor and, with public support, curtail this criminality until it stops.

What perverted pleasure is gained by inflicting unnecessary suffering on the animals selected as quarry and left defenceless by the removal of antlers?

Livestock diseases and consequent compensation pay-outs costs the local taxpayer millions each year. Disease control measures are supposedly foremost on farms yet DARD and organisations representing farmers remain stubbornly silent about the blatant breach of bio-security caused by hunts.

The law in Northern Ireland must change and consign ‘hunting with dogs’ to the waste bin of history bringing us into line with the rest of the UK. Until that objective is achieved any evidence of ‘carted’ stag hunting should be reported to PSNI as a suspected criminal offence.