Autumn Juvenile Hedgehogs

Autumn juvenile hedgehogs are ones that are old enough to be away from their mothers but too small to hibernate. The autumn juvenile season can start as early as September and is busy through until the end of November. However some will struggle on and the occasional one can be found from December through until April. This will vary slightly depending whether you live North or South.

A temporary home for a Autumn Juvenile will be a garage or similar building is an ideal temporary home, but don’t put hedgehogs on a metal grid or wire floor,  they have sensitive feet!

Place the hedgehog in a large box with plenty of clean, fresh hay, crumpled newspapers or dry leaves. Take care to keep direct human contact to a minimum so that the hedgehog does not become unnaturally tame.

If the hedgehog is a regular visitor to your garden, is only seen at night, appears active and you are prepared to feed it every night then it can be left in the wild.

However if the hedgehog goes off its food, wobbles and staggers or starts coming out in the day or you notice it has green slimy poo especially if there is blood in it, then it needs extra help asap  – Contact the USPCA Advice line on 02830251000.

Towards the end of October or if bad weather is expected those under 350gms (12oz) may best be rescued whether they are out day or night. This can be difficult to determine as the further north you are the earlier winter will appear to find a carer near you and seek their advice. In October small ones seen away from your garden eg crossing the road at night may also be best rescued as they may not have a ready supply of food as ones regularly visiting your garden.

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General Guide and Advice on Hedgehogs USPCA