Halloween Fireworks & Your Pet


It’s October and Halloween with its flare-up of fireworks is almost with us.

Many pets are fearful of fireworks. Unexpected flashes and explosions cause insecurity and fear.

They show this in their behaviour, panting and / or hiding are typical symptoms of stress.

What can you do to help them through?

  • Walk dogs in daylight hours before the fireworks begin.
  • Pull curtains at dusk and keep a television or radio switched on.
  • Provide a hiding place for your pet. It may choose to stay under or behind furniture. Leave it be, if it emerges give it praise and a treat.
  • After darkness make sure your pet is contained within your home. By leaving a door or window ajar and you risk your pet fleeing from the noise.
  • If you are planning a garden display warn your neighbours. They may well have pets and a little consideration can prevent problems.
  • If your pet is seriously stressed see your vet, there are treatments available that can address the problem.

A few simple suggestions that will help your pet through the hazards of Halloween.

Please share this Information with your friends and family and anyone you know with pets this Halloween.