The USPCA has been at the forefront of campaigning and lobbying on a wide range of animal welfare related issues for over 175 years.

For 30 years Northern Ireland’s animals had to suffer before a law was broken. The Welfare of Animals (NI) Act 2011 changed that disgraceful situation and denial of one or more of The Five Freedoms (see under legislation) is an offence.

USPCA Launch Puppy Trafficking Shame Campaign

USPCA Launch Puppy Trafficking Shame Campaign The USPCA launched a major campaign today to highlight the growing shameful trade in designer puppies bought from illegal breeders each year. They have provided essential guidelines for new owners to guard against buying …

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Tail Docking

December 21, 2012

Tail docking of dogs is banned in NI from 1st Jan 2013. It will be an offence to dock a dog’s tail or allow another person to carry this out. It also bans taking a dog to another jurisdiction to …

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Several West Highland Terriers in pens

Puppy Farming

November 29, 2012

Puppy farming is a travesty. It is lucrative and welfare standards are compromised in pursuit of profit. Early in 2013 legislation affecting breeding establishments will be incorporated in The Welfare of Animals (NI) Act 2011. It will place controls on …

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European Union flag of 12 yellow stars in a circle on a blue background


Based in Brussels, Eurogroup lobbies the European Commission on issues of concern raised by animal welfare organisations operating within the 27 member states. The USPCA is a member of Eurogroup and contributes to its debates and lobbying activity. The organisation …

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Three people on horseback and some hounds about to set off on a hunt

Hunting with dogs

Northern Ireland remains the only part of GB & NI where hunting with dogs remains legal. England, Wales and Scotland already have bans in place. We are lagging well behind. Hunting does not have public support; most people are either …

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